Hey i'm Mads

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Hey! I’m Mads, a 22 year old 3D artist from Denmark. During 2017 I discovered the subreddit /r/lowpoly. My first thought was that I wanted to create art similar to what I saw, so I downloaded Blender and began practicing. I focused on mainly low-poly art for a year and made 2 interior scenes during that time as well.

I began studying at 3D College Denmark in 2017. There is a focus on Archviz here, and I immediately fell in love when I did my first project. I knew that I wanted to continue creating them. I like photorealistic graphics, and I strive to create realistic pictures that include even the small details.

The Software i mostly use at the moment is 3DSMAX, Photoshop & Corona



Im an Apprentice at DimensionDesign where i do High-end vizulations of Residential projects. And commercial buildings. I mainly style interiors. and help out with smaller tasks. I get to do a lot of different things since im an apprentice so i get to work on quite a lot of project

sep 2018 - now


I also study at 3D College Denmark. When im not at an Aprentice. I use my time there to improve at my craft and get even better. And learn how to make my Visualitions even more detailed

apr 2017 - jun 2021

Internship 2018

I was a 3D Intern at Ikonoform for 5.Weeks Where i helped with creating visualizations. Like creating a plane for an Aiport we were making. Or it could be re-texturing/shading to make the models. fit in better with the scene and etc.

mar 2018 - apr 2018


In 2018 and 2019 i won The Rookies Architecture category. For my portfolio pieces. I have made as a student at 3D College. Mainly personal projects not related to school asginments If you are interested in knowing more about the contest you can check it out here and the results from 2019! https://www.therookies.co/contests/8

2019 Winner Certificate

2018 Winner Certificate