Hey i'm Mads

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Hey! I’m Mads, a 22 year old 3D artist from Denmark. Two years ago in my free time, I discovered the subreddit /r/lowpoly. My first thought was that I wanted to create art similar to what I saw, so I downloaded Blender and began practicing. I focused on mainly low-poly art for a year and made 2 interior scenes during that time as well.

I began studying at 3D College Denmark in 2017. There is a focus on Archviz here, and I immediately fell in love when I did my first project. I knew that I wanted to continue creating them. I like photorealistic graphics, and I strive to create realistic pictures that include even the small details.



Im an Apprentice at DimensionDesign where i do High-end vizulations of Residential projects. And commercial buildings. I mainly style interiors. and help out with smaller tasks. I get to do a lot of different things since im an apprentice so i get to work on quite a lot of project

sep 2018 - now


I also study at 3D College Denmark. When im not at an Aprentice. I use my time there to improve at my craft and get even better. And learn how to make my Visualitions even more detailed

apr 2017 - jun 2021

Internship 2018

I was a 3D Intern at Ikonoform for 5.Weeks Where i helped with creating visualizations. Like creating a plane for an Aiport we were making. Or it could be re-texturing/shading to make the models. fit in better with the scene and etc.

mar 2018 - apr 2018


In 2018 i won The Rookies Architecture category. For my portfolio pieces