Ultimate 3DSMAX/VRAY PBR Workflow


For 3D Its important that you try to match the real world as close as possible. Like lighting, Camera values. and geometry but especially Materials and using the right values and maps. This is why you should be using a PBR Workflow (Physically Based Rendering)

1) Create a Vray Material

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2) Download some Textures

Get some textures you wanna make a material out of!

3) Drag in the Texture as VrayBitmap

This can be done automaticly using the droptoslate script. and makes the process faster and also automaticly name your maps to the textures file names

4) Connect the maps to the Vray mat

This is done by holding your mouse down on the gray circel on the map and dragging it to the gray circel on the Vray Mat