Hey i'm Mads

I'm a 3D Artist Photographer Web Designer Interior Stylist Graphic Designer 3D Printer VR Enthusiast Creative PC Builder

A 27 year old 3D artist from Denmark with a drive for creating photorealistic, detailed 3D renders. i have been working with 3D for six years and i have received formal training in 3D design through a four year school program.

I specialize in archviz and interior design, particularly focusing on Scandinavian interiors. In addition to using 3DSMAX and Vray Render, I’m proficient in multiple render engines and plugins, as well as Unreal Engine 5. I also have over 10 years of experience with the Adobe suite of tools. I’m also experienced with 3D Scanning with Realitycapture. i also have a bit of experince with Graphic design and Web Design, 3D Printing. VR, Photography, Videography

In general I’m just a creative minded person, that loves to create. Feel free to message me on my mail [email protected] if you wanna chat!


Furnipart - 3D Artist

At Furnipart, I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of 3D production, excluding art direction. My role encompasses managing the entire 3D workflow and ensuring a seamless progression from start to finish in the rendering process. My primary tasks at Furnipart include creating collages of handles, predominantly for kitchen use, and producing architectural visualization images that showcase the handles mounted on kitchen cabinetry. Additionally, I generate packshots of the products for marketing and promotional purposes.

February 2023 - May 2023

Furnipart brand logo

Cadesignform 3D Artist (Apprentice)

At CadesignForm, I mainly assisted with the production of product renders and modeling of interior products. I also contributed to the styling of images and creating moodboards for the styling of scenes, as well as helping with processing photoscans.

june 2020 - july 2021


Dimension Design 3D Artist (Apprentice)

At DimensionDesign, they specialize in high-end visualizations of residential and commercial buildings. I primarily focused on styling interiors and assisting with smaller tasks. As an apprentice, I have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and gain a wide range of experience.

Sep 2018 - july 2020


Ikonoform 3D Artist (Internship)

At Ikonoform for 5 weeks, where I assisted with creating visualizations. My tasks included creating a plane for an airport project and re-texturing/shading models to better fit into the scene. I also helped with styling scenes.

Mar 2018 - apr 2018


3D College Danmark (3D Education)

While not working as an apprentice, I attended 3D College Denmark to further my education in 3D modeling and visualization. I use this time to improve my skills and learn how to create even more detailed and high-quality visualizations. I also have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other students.

Apr 2017 - Jun 2021



I have received several accolades for my 3D modeling and visualization work. In 2018 and 2019, I won the Architecture category in The Rookies competition, and placed second in 2021. Additionally, I have been recognized with awards for best render of the month in Renderize competitions and Polygon render of the month, all for personal projects created as a student at 3D College. For more information about these contests, you can check out the results from 2019here.